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June 26, 2008


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Every time I see that two-handled cup, I nod, "Exactly, exactly." Oh, how I miss my credit card. The coffee sounds (and looks!) wonderful!


I heard about this brand from bloggers, actually! I haven't tried it though. (As an aside, my jar of Trappist Blueberry Jam is now empty. I could cry). But I'm saving the jar with the Trappist label as a souvenir of better blueberry times.


Good heavens, KT, I've clicked on "Lenten Blog" over there in your side panel late, haven't I? But it was wonderful to go through it.. I'd forgotten it was a Lenten blog as I was reading, for we are always called to a closer Walk. Lovely writings from lovely moms, all. Powerful musings indeed.

G, you do know that there's a Trappist monastery near me, right? You know that our store shelves stock many many of the jam and preserve flavors, now, right? :-)


Well, I got mine at the monastery's store in Oka, Qu├ębec, which is a couple of hours from Ottawa, last time we were visiting. But I see now, printed on the top, that it's actually from St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA, U.S.A.!!! I guess they have it shipped in! But no, I didn't realize you could find it right on your store shelves if you live close to one of the Trappist monasteries. So, let's see...only about six months 'til Christmas...and I know I already said this, but it's blueberry that I really like. Blueberry. ;)

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