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May 18, 2008


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"Modest goal".. :-) Awesome ideas!

Our pastor used to address the RCIA folks with a special presentation on the Holy Trinity. He apparently found something that works well. I was always surprised by the catechumens/candidates who raised their hands to act as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--that's pretty much when I'd have attached myself invisibly to the underside of my chair. He'd set them before us in 3 chairs and gave each of them a candle. He lit the "Father"'s candle, and then addressed Him, "Father?" It took a moment, but the fellow holding the candle would reply, "Oh..um, yes?" It never failed to draw a laugh, "We just want to thank You for the Red Sox." Then, "God the Son" was directed to light His candle from the "Father"'s, and the group was asked if there was any difference between the flames. No. They held the two flames together to make one, and then apart, and still, nothing had changed--they were separate as were their candle flames, yet they, and their flames, were one. And then the "Holy Spirit" was asked to light his candle from the two, and then all three flames were held together forming one. The visual usually drews "ahhhh"s of greater understanding from the group. And when he wanted to try to visually explain the Holy Spirit to our confirmandi, he spoke of a baby fish saying to its mother, "I want to see the ocean." She explained that he couldn't see it, because he lived in it. He likened the living in the ocean to our life in the Holy Spirit.

You holy folks are so clever. :-)

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