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May 13, 2008


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Sounds wonderful. :-) Busy, but wonderful. And I just had a little picture of you one day fielding all your kids' kids on Mothers' Day-- as "Grammy." You'll have to install one of those "Take A Number" tab dispensers.

The cake looks delicious, and almost too holy to eat!

Ordinary time, now.. yes. Yet there's never an ordinary day, what with a saint or 10 or 20 to celebrate every weekday and Mary every Saturday, and the Lord's own feast day on every Sunday.

I would guess from what you've said that your mom is holding up alright. Praise God.

There was a woman who looked astonishingly like you today at Mass -- same hair, same teensiness of frame, same way of dressing. You'll never guess who she reminded me to pray for, and to thank God for.

Kathryn Mulderink

Yes, my mom is holding up well; my sister's upcoming wedding is keeping her well-occupied. Busy is the key, I think.

I am grateful for your prayers, Carol, though I know you pray for me often ;-)
But the poor woman who LOOKS like me... give her my condolences.


Girl, you could be a model, and there's no way I'm going to believe that you haven't heard that before.

Kathryn Mulderink

Now you have me laughing out loud.
And I'm pretty sure I have NEVER heard that before!
But you've made me smile this morning, and that makes everyone beautiful, eh?
Thanks for that, among other things.


Sigh. Am I too old to be adopted? I'd do my share around the house. Really.

Kathryn Mulderink

No one is too old to be adopted into this family, Gabrielle! We seem to add new members weekly. It is a very busy house!
If you ever have the chance to cross the border, we're not too far!

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