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February 16, 2008


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Margaret in Minnesota

This is beautiful--thank you.

I, too, can and should "be more attentive to each little need before me." Even when I feel like I'm failing in a thousand other more "monastic" ways, I can attend to these endless little needs.

And I can do so with love...for Him.

michelle waters

Thank you for this wonderful devotion. There is much for me to act upon in my own home.


OH MY GOSH. This is an amazing post. I am going to link to this one. THANK YOU! I was touched particularly by this:

My ideal Lent is not ideal, because it is not God's Plan for me. "My ideal Lent" is just that: MINE. It would be for me, not Him.

As another mom of seven (all 10 and under) I can sooooo relate to this. There is no silence, no grand retreats, no impressive displays of holy heroism. It is just the simple day to day fulfillment of my vocation... and somehow, that is enough for Him.

Thank you!


Thank you for this. I've been feeling deflated and defeated for not being able to implement some of the wonderful practices of other moms (including yours). God has a different path for our family this season and I will try my best to follow it with His grace.


This is really the problem, isn't it? We set ourselves up to feel inadequate because we want to do it all. This is true of many of us in many areas of our lives, not just Lent!

But if we remember that God only asks us to do what is before us, and that it is almost always better to do a little bit and do it well than take on too much and do it superficially, we relieve ourselves of a lot of pressure.

We all need to remember to BE what we ARE; to DO what is before us because it is His will; to do little things with great LOVE.

Simple. But not easy ;-)


"no pious escape" That paragraph especially resonates. Or at least it does this year. And I'd like to be able to say the attempt at pious escape gets better, but although the youngest is 21 (the eldest, 38) and grandchild here only half-time, it seems Mom/wife is needed just the same as always, only in different ways. Here, too, the only quiet time is 2-6 am, unless someone is devastated.. And I used to try to live in some of that time, simply because I could call it *mine* -- but age factors in eventually, and I nod off--I once ended up bearing the imprint of the "H" key on my forehead. Fortunately, I didn't drool--I'd not like to wake up to sparks and sizzles.

However, it IS easier to get to daily Mass --on time!

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